Unboxing – November Shelf Love Crate – Fight the Power

So I decided to get my very first American subscription box! Largely for the book, as I knew what it was, and was super keen to get it.  Contents under the cut.


The contents of the November Shelf Love Crate are below:

  • A Stranger Things Funko Pop. I don’t watch this, but I do love Funkos.
  • A Once Upon a Cyborg candle by Icey Designs, obviously inspired by the fantastic Lunar Chronicles
  • A Mockingjay pin
  • A Shatter Me cosmetic bag by Little Inklings Design
  • A Dumbledore’s Army patch
  • RENEGADES by Marissa Meyer! So excited.

I am SO EXCITED to finally get a copy of Renegades.  And it is GIANT in hardback. :D:D

The candle, pin and patch are also really cool.  The funko is nice, but it didn’t really fit in the box with the giant book lol, so it got a little beaten up.  And I won’t use it, so it’s a bit sad.

Also as a fair warning to other UK buyers of this crate – I would recommend it cause I liked this one and I’ve seen other great crates from them. BUT it does get customs charges – I had to pay an extra £12.51 for this 😦 I know it can’t always be avoided but it is frustrating.


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