Unboxing – February LitJoy Crate – Upon Her Throne


I was really looking forward to my first ever LitJoy Crate.  It’s really surprisingly reasonable to get this in the UK, despite being a US based box. And no customs charge, which is always a huge bonus. Their boxes over the last few months have been pretty epic, so I decided to get this one, based on the theme and the hints they gave about items 🙂

Inside this box was:

  • A stunning constellation scarf
  • A stone of Eventide necklace
  • A “passion” bathbomb – I got Wit (green) which smells like leather, lemon and mandarin zest with base notes of patchouli and frankincense with a touch of smoke
  • a Heartless quote bookmark
  • A Sansa Stark art print
  • A Shatter Me sampler
  • The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross


I am pretty impressed with this! I do think it may not have reached the standard of the couple before it, but I really like the necklace and scarf.  I love Heartless, so the bookmark is cool.  The bath bomb smells really nice, so I will hopefully use that shortly.  And the book, as always, looks super! The only thing I’m not fussed by is the print, as I’m not a Game of Thrones fan, though the art is pretty 🙂

I am really pleased I got this, and I have to say I am semi seriously considering making a change to get this each month instead of the fairyloot box. We shall see! I am definitely getting the March and April fairyloot boxes, so I suspect it may actually depend on themes haha.

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