Book Review – Archenemies by Marissa Meyer (mild spoilers)

archenemiesTime is running out.
Together, they can save the world.
But they each other’s worst nightmare.

In Renegades, Nova and Adrian (aka Insomnia and Sketch) fought the battle of their lives against the Anarchist known as the Detonator. It was a short-lived victory.

The Anarchists still have a secret weapon, one that Nova believes will protect her. The Renegades also have a strategy for overpowering the Anarchists, but both Nova and Adrian understand that it could mean the end of Gatlon City – and the world – as they know it.


My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full star

Gah the politics and morals in this are so excellently done!! I love Nova trying to figure out where she stands and how things should be. I share her horror at Agent N, and love that she stood by her convictions for that. But her belief of standing against the renegades just because they couldn’t save one family, is beginning to wear a little thin – there’s only so much they can do after all. Other than that though, I largely agree with her – Ace wasn’t right but he tried, the anarchists aren’t all bad, and the renegades certainly aren’t all good. I’m super looking forward to seeing particular elements cope with the fallout of Nova’s actions during the fight.

And Max!!! Love him. And the family moments with him and Adrian and their dads were gorgeous. And I love that he tried to fight.

It was also nice to see a Sentinel get taken down a peg, and then built up again a little. Nova is a prime example of not always using powers to achieve your ends, the part of her philosophy I agree with most, and I think Adrian needs to learn that!

(Mildly spoilery)
I’m surprised that we didn’t see Nova or Adrian’s secrets come out – both felt very imminent at the end of the book! This just makes me want book 3 more frankly!! This year of waiting is going to be torture 😉 I definitely can’t wait to see the reactions to those.


Buy Archenemies from Amazon UK (affiliate link) – in the UK, the book doesn’t come out until April.

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