World Book Day – Top 5 Childhood Reads #WBDwithUKYA


Hi guys! I am part of this awesome blog community celebrating World Book Day – I grew up loving books and reading, and I am definitely in favour of WBD getting kids to love it too. πŸ™‚

I’m doing this in two ways – my top 5 reads from when I was younger, but also some mentions that I think would make the cut if I were young now!

If you’re interested in reading the other blogs celebrating – they’re listed below.  I can’t wait to read all of them! Jaz at Travels in Fiction has just posted hers, and Amy at Little Booknerds in the Corner is up next!



Top 5 Childhood Reads

Matilda was the only Roald Dahl book I remember enjoying as a child – the others were terrifying! πŸ˜€ To this day, I still try and move things with my mind when I’m angry! Hehe.

The Secret Garden is a book I feel I grew up with.  It’s the only one on this list that has stayed with me as an adult – I’ve reread it several times.  And in high school, it was the one I picked as a reward when I won a prize πŸ™‚

I asked my mum about this, to see which books she remembered me reading a lot.  She suggested Meg and Mog, and I couldn’t believe I nearly forgot it! It’s definitely that bit younger, but I remember reading it, and loving it!

I was obsessed with the Nancy Drew books as a kid.  I recently reread the one from the pic, as part of a nostalgia reading challenge, and it really held up.  My love of mysteries started with books like this, and the Point Crime series as a teen, and I turned it into a love of gory crime books as I grew older haha.  Since I moved more to SFF books, I sort of left it behind until recently, and it has been so wonderful to go back to myseries and rediscover what about them drew me in.

Enid Blyton is the one I remember most as a kid.  I think I read all of her books, pretty much.  It helped that they were often about mysteries and adventures, and also often set in Dorset, where I grew up.  As an adult, I do see that they’re perhaps a little problematic, but childhood me really wanted to join in with the Famous Five, Secret Seven (vastly inferior to the five!!), the mystery series, the adventure series, just any of them!

There are so many more I could list – I guess the main ones being school based series like Mallory Towers or Sweet Valley, but these are the five that stood out when I came to make my list.  I really enjoyed going over this and trying to think about what I read.  I highly recommend thinking about it yourself!


Newer Favourites

I also wanted to mention a couple of books that I discovered when I was older that I think younger Nikki would have loved, and ones that mean something to me now.

The obvious one is the Harry Potter series – I haven’t exactly been quiet about my love for it! Despite it coming out in 97, when I was 13, I didn’t really discover it until I stole the first two or three books from my sister (thanks Kate!) and I remember buying the fourth book.  So I guess I would have been 16 or so at least. I figure that didn’t really count for a childhood favourite!

My favourite childrens books now are by Oliver Jeffers. These were the books I loved best when my little brothers were born, and they are the books I buy when my friends are expecting.  How to Catch a Star is super cute, but along with amazingly cute stories, I love the art.  I have continued to read them as I see them! My brothers still have their set πŸ™‚

Finally, I’m including the Apprentice Witch series by James Nicol – I think this is exactly the sort of thing I’d have enjoyed as a kid, they’re cute, fun and have magic!

30 thoughts on “World Book Day – Top 5 Childhood Reads #WBDwithUKYA

  1. I LOVED the Famous Five and Secret Seven (and agree, five over seven 100%) I think I was just obsessed with that idea of having a specific friend group and going on adventures together!

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