Book Review – All the Wandering Light by Heather Fawcett

all the wandering lightAfter the terrifying events on Mount Raksha, the witches have returned, and River has betrayed Kamzin to regain his dark powers. The witches’ next step: march on the Three Cities and take over the Empire—led by River’s brother, Esha.

If Kamzin is to save Azmiri and prevent the fall of the Empire, she must find a star that fell in the Ash Mountains to the north. Fallen stars have immense power, and if Kamzin and Lusha can find the star, they can use its magic to protect the Empire. To get there, Kamzin has allied with Azar-at, the dangerous and deceptive fire demon, who can grant her great power—in exchange for pieces of her soul. But River wants the star too, and as their paths collide in dangerous and unexpected ways, Kamzin must wrestle with both her guilt and her conflicted feelings for the person who betrayed her.

Facing dark magic, a perilous journey, and a standoff against the witches, can Kamzin, Lusha, and Tem find the star and save their Empire?


My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starNo-Star

I really enjoyed this sequel to the fantastic Even the Darkest Stars.

We didn’t completely lose the questing, which is always good, and we got a lot more on the things I was keen to know about from book 1. It’s pretty action packed, and we get to more about the witches and the emperor and his court. I also really loved the addition of the star, and Kamzin protecting it.

I did find that there is still a lot left hanging though. There’s so much left unsaid about River’s future for a start! And Ragtooth! Though I loved getting more on him, and I love him more than ever. And Lusha really needed to acknowledge Kamzin more, plus what was going on with the emperor! So many questions!

And the resolution between River and Kamzin was good but frustrating. I wanted them to hash it out a bit more, but I did really enjoy their relationship and all of their interactions throughout the book.

I highly recommend this duology!


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