Book Review – A Storm of Ice and Stars by Lisa Lueddecke

asoiasIce, myth, magic and danger in this bone-chilling, page-turning, beautifully written fantasy novel set in the same world as A SHIVER OF SNOW AND SKY.

Blood-red lights have appeared in the sky over the frozen island of Skane, causing a cloak of fear and suspicion to fall over the village like a blanket of snow. In a desperate attempt to keep out the plague, the village elders barricade its borders – no-one, no matter how in need of help, will be permitted to enter in case they bring infection with them. Teenager Janna refuses to turn her back on people seeking refuge and is banished to the swirling snow and lurking darkness beyond the village. Can she survive?


My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starNo-Star

This is a prequel to A Shiver of Snow and Sky, but I definitely feel that it needs to be read after. It’s set in the same gorgeous universe and has the same lovely and evocative writing as ASOSAS, but the foreshadowing for it is a little spoilery – I think it makes more sense to read it second.

And it is stunningly written, as the first one is. They are however very similar. They both have the red lights, and outcast girls, and journeys across the island. That was, for me, a little bit of a shame, as ASOIAS didn’t feel different enough. Having said that, I still loved it. And I loved the characters and the way their circumstances worked out – the background of Janna and Solvi was heartbreaking, and Enja and Siiva are great additions to Janna’s quest. I love the little ways you see it start to interact with Osa’s story from ASOSAS. And I adore the ending. It is perfectly done, and clever too. It’s not really what you expect going in, but it perfectly honours the world that has been built.

This book is definitely deserving of its 4 stars and I’d recommend it if you enjoyed the first one.


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