Book Review – The Unspoken Name by A K Larwood

the unspoken nameWhat if you knew how and when you will die?

Csorwe does — she will climb the mountain, enter the Shrine of the Unspoken, and gain the most honored title: sacrifice.

But on the day of her foretold death, a powerful mage offers her a new fate. Leave with him, and live. Turn away from her destiny and her god to become a thief, a spy, an assassin—the wizard’s loyal sword. Topple an empire, and help him reclaim his seat of power.

But Csorwe will soon learn – gods remember, and if you live long enough, all debts come due.


My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starNo-Star

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I had really high hopes for this book, and I am so happy to say that they were exceeded. I’ve been struggling a little with adult fantasy of late, and this was definitely a book to reassure me that I do still love the genre. Plus it’s a sort of futuristic fantasy, which I found really fun.

I love that Csorwe is an Orc, as it’s rare to get non human main characters, and I really enjoyed her journey and development. We get to see her develop her own will, which is lovely, as she’s very headstrong but also somewhat reliant on Belthandros. And after we meet Shuthmili, their relationship makes me smile a lot. Her “friendship” with Tal often made me laugh too, the snark is so on point.

Shuthmili herself is also really interesting, and I like that her history isn’t actually that different to Csorwe’s, but we see so many differences in how it plays out and how she sees the world.

And as much as Tal is a pain, when you finally learn more, it’s hard not to sympathise a little with him.

The gods and magic system here was fab too. The concepts worked really well for me. I like that not everyone has powers, or beliefs, and how they all fit together into a wider world(s). The magic we do see has limits, and ups and downs. I particularly liked Oranna’s magic, because necromancy is always interesting lol. But I liked that not all the action, or even all the fights revolve around magic use.

This is a beautifully diverse and well built fantasy universe, and I really enjoyed it.


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