Book Review – Fire in the Star by Kamilla Benko

fire in the starClaire Martinson has always depended on her older sister, Sophie, to take care of her, but now it’s Claire’s turn to protect her sister. On the trail of the last unicorn, Claire sets off on her own to make things right in Arden – the magical land she and her sister discovered when they climbed their great-aunt’s chimney. But there are terrible forces working against her.

Queen Estelle has returned, and she will not stop until she has taken revenge on all those who have opposed her. Claire, Sophie, and their friends must convince Arden’s four guilds of magic to set aside the past if they are to have any hope of a future. Because if the queen has her way, Claire and Sophie will never return home and the unicorns of Arden will be lost… forever.

The thrilling third book in the series for fans of Cornelia Funke, Diana Wynne Jones or The Chronicles of Narnia.


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My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starNo-Star

What a perfect ending to the series!

I continue to love Claire and Sophie’s relationship, and even though they spend a lot of the book apart, it still shone from every page which was lovely.

I really enjoyed the finale too – I think it was cleverly woven together and had just the right amount of sense to it all – not too easy and not too hard.

The ending is wonderfully bittersweet and just perfect. This really is a lovely series, I highly recommend it.


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