Hi, I’m Nikki and I’m here to talk about books! Well mostly anyway, I’m sure some other things may occasionally sneak in 😉
I’m based in the UK, and have been reading all my life, and reviewing on Goodreads since the start of 2017.  Before I left stars, but not full reviews.  And I’ve found I love full reviews! Which is actually a small problem, because now I want to re-read everything without a review so I can write one! Bookish problems…
My favourite books are YA fiction, preferably fantasy, but I also love crime, thriller, adventure and sci fi. I will read almost anything!
So why books and lemon squash? Well I’m hoping by now that the books part is obvious! As for lemon squash, I just love it and it is always my drink of choice! You will see it in the odd photo, sneaking into the background.
As for my non bookish life – I am a self confessed geek, a crafter, a dancer, a fussy foodie, a wishful thinker and a sometime traveller.  And a Ravenclaw.  Some of this may sometimes sneak into my blog!
I love talking to people, so please feel free to say hi, comment on posts or ask me questions. 😀

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