Unboxing – October Book Box Club – Quests and Legends

So this is almost a little late really, but I wanted to complete my year of Book Box Club reviews 🙂 I hope you enjoyed those posts! September’s book review (and I’m sure October’s too!) will be up here soon.

October’s theme was Quests and Legends and I was pretty excited for it, I have to say, and it didn’t disappoint!


img_7752In the October box there was:

  • A Shiver of Snow and Sky by Lisa Lueddecke
  • A hot chocolate spoon! By Maple Mollys. It’s so cute and Narnia themed and with marshmallows.  Won’t last long 😉
  • A gorgeous exclusive mug fitting the theme by Four Seasons Fox
  • A wooden bookmark by Hughes Laser Design
  • Mountain earrings by Kate’s Little Store
  • Super cute dragon stickers by Wild Sally
  • Goodies from the publishers – two bookmarks and three postcards.

Great box! I love it all. :D:D:D

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