Series Review – The Sinclair’s Mysteries by Katherine Woodfine

These books are so much fun.  Set in early 1900’s London in a Selfridge’s-esque department store, they are about two girls who discover a mystery and get caught up in trying to solve it.

I thoroughly enjoyed these! Light hearted but appropriately intriguing and even terrifying in places. Not too complicated but a good amount of little twists and turns, and the narrative ticks along at a good pace. The worlds of YA/middle grade needs more mystery and crime books 🙂 Sophie, Lil, Billy and Joe, and their ever growing list of allies make a good little team and I want to see what they do next – I believe that this series will get a sequel series, hopefully moving away from mysteries centered around the shop as I think that’s been pretty well covered!  I like the way the series is structured as well – the elements flowing between books works really well.

All are 4 star reads for me, and I hope you give them a go.

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