Book Review – Goodnight Boy by Nikki Sheehan

goodnight boyA tale of two very different worlds, both shattered by the loss of loved ones. Tragic, comic and full of hope, thanks to a dog called Boy.

The kennel has been JC’s home ever since his new adoptive father locked him inside. For hours on end, JC sits and tells his dog Boy how he came to this country: his family; the orphanage and the Haitian earthquake that swept everything away.

When his adoptive mother Melanie rescues him, life starts to feel normal again. Until JC does something bad, something that upset his new father so much that he and Boy are banished to the kennel. But as his new father gets sicker, JC realizes they have to find a way out. And so begins a stunning story of a boy, a dog and their journey to freedom.


gold_star-svggold_star-svggold_star-svg 3/5 Stars

This is a well written and moving story about a boy trying to make sense of his world. The trauma he has lived through and his youth really come across well. However, I do have an issue with not really knowing enough for the story to work for me – it’s never quite clear what Melanie thought was going on, what the man’s motivations were etc. I know that’s because it’s all from the perspective of JC but it would be nice to have an adult explain things occasionally. And I sort of wanted a reaction to the last thing that happens in the book. An interesting and sad read, but nothing too stellar for me.

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