Unboxing – January Fairyloot – Talk Faerie to Me


This was a box I was unsure of – I knew I wanted the book, but I’m not super into any of the faerie books.  Sadly I was right to be wary and this box didn’t do much for me.  It was great for some people though, so I am not too sad – I know I won’t love everything in every box 😀  Anyway, onto the contents:


Included in the box was:

  • A “What breaks you” pillowcase by Evie Bookish featuring a quote from ACOWAR by Sarah J Maas.
  • A Prince Cardan candle by Meraki Candles
  • A Seelie lipbalm by Geeky Clean
  • A Faerieland colouring book by Michael O’ Mara
  • ACOTAR Magnetic bookmarks by Dreamy and Co
  • Two Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas art prints by Diana Worak, double sided with text illustrations by Stella’s Bookish Art featuring quotes from Julie Kagawa and Cassandra Clare.
  • A Prince Cardan bonus print by Merwild
  • And the book was The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

So the good – I read an e-ARC of the book and it is amazing. I’m really pleased to own it.  And the candle is, as always, lovely.

The medium – I am not an ACOTAR series fan, but I like the design on the cushion cover, and the quote, so I will probably use this. 🙂  I may use the lipbalm, but I’m not sure as I have a couple at the moment.  And I like the colouring book but am going to give to someone who will enjoy it more.

The bad – THREE art prints? I don’t think I am alone in saying that while I like some art prints, this is a high number and that also a lot of people, including me, rarely have anywhere to display them.  So those will be unused.  I’m donating my ToG ones to a friend so she can also display the text illustrations on the back 🙂

Also, THREE SJM items.  That’s at least two too many.  I like ToG, but don’t really want merch for it, and dislike ACOTAR. Meh.  What annoys me is that there are so many other books that could have had merch included with a faerie theme – any of Holly Black’s other work, an Enchantment of Ravens, Stardust even something like Artemis Fowl.  I just feel like this was an SJM box, with a couple of Cruel Prince or generic faerie items thrown in.

Sorry, this ended up more rant-y than I planned.  As I said, I do get that I won’t like everything in every box, but I just feel this will be a love it or hate it box because it’s so strongly geared to SJM fans.  So for me, a loss, but luckily lots of people did love it.

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