Series Review – Monsters of Verity by V.E. Schwab

Kate Harker and August Flynn’s families rule opposite ends of Verity, a grisly metropolis where violent acts summon real monsters: bloodsucking Malchai; clawing Corsai; and soul-stealing Sunai. The truce that keeps the families at peace is crumbling, and August is sent to spy on Kate. But when Harker’s men try to kill her and pin it on the Flynns, August and Kate find themselves running from both sides, in a city where monsters are real…


So I actually read this before the ADSOM series, so this was my first love affair with V.E. Schwab’s glorious writing.  This series is truly like nothing I have ever read, and all the better for it.  It is GLORIOUSLY dark.  I gave the first book 4 stars, but the second got the full 5, and I would highly recommend the series overall.  The world building alone is just insanely brilliant.  And I love how Schwab tells the story, she just has the best way of writing awesomely dark and creepy but gorgeously introspective. Some of her quotes on the nature of people are just amazing.

It took me a little while to get into the first book – to understand the monsters and how they work. But it was totally worth it. The story of Kate and August, of Leo and Sloane, is lovely. I like the differences between the two “sides” as well – not the north and south, but the kids and the monsters. Pushing against the way things are in different ways but ultimately falling – one in favour of some form of peace, and one not. The initially tentative friendship between Kate and August is really lovely too.

It’s genuinely hard to talk about either book, but especially the second, without MASSIVE spoilers.  So, if you want those, please go check out my goodreads reviews, the link is in my bio.  I will say, I love how dark Kate gets, and how August deals with the rather literal voices in his head in the second book.  And his gorgeous relationship with Ilsa.

The end feels like a closure – heartbreaking but also possibly inevitable in the best way.  So completely well done.  I am also not ready to feel done with this world and it’s monsters, I want to badly to find out if the FTF beat the Verity monsters and if the other towns beat theirs!

So much love!


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