Unboxing – March Fairyloot – Memorable Moments


The March theme for Fairyloot was Memorable Moments – accurate for the book as well as the fact it was a second anniversary box!

In the box there was:

  • Cork bunting by Paladone
  • Rune Ceremony scarf by Fiction Tea Designs
  • Goblet of Fire candle by Paper Flames Candle Co
  • Bilbo’s Birthday Cake Vegan soap by Geeky Clean
  • Toast to the Warden of the North hot chocolate by Eponine
  • State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury

I really enjoyed this box.  The scarf is gorgeous and soft.  I’m not a shadowhunters fan, but I considered keeping it because it was so nice.  Instead, I’m sending it to a more appreciate owner!  The soap and candle both smell amazing.  And I *love* getting hot chocolate in a box – I hear good things about it, but I’m saving it for when I’m not dieting (sad).  And finally the cork bunting.  I liked the concept of this item, and was instantly struck by what to do with it – display all my lovely pin badges!  Sadly I already had way too many to display on just mine, so my friend donated hers.  We went and got some paint samplers, and I have great fun painting them.  And eventually figuring out what the foam bits were for, after the pin backs had stabbed me or my furniture several times! (Oops!)  It’s sadly still not up as it’s a bit heavy, but it’s going over my bed.  I’ve included a photo of it on my sofa, in case it also inspires you to do something a bit different with it.  If so definitely let me know what!


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