June Book Haul

I had a mid-month bookcident.  And then an end of month splurge.  Guys, I seriously cannot be trusted with money.  On the plus side I did manage to limit it to books I want to read for YALC.  And monetarily, it was only 6 new books that I didn’t know I was going to buy, which isn’t dreadful.  I suppose… :/

My haul was:

  • Exile by S M Wilson (pre ordered)
  • A Thousand Perfect Notes by C G Drew (May Illumicrate)
  • Ascension by Victor Dixon (won in a insta comp, and it’s signed! <3)
  • Light Years by Kass Morgan ARC (May Illumicrate)
  • The Last of the Firedrakes by Farah Oomerbhoy (kindly provided by the publisher for review)
  • The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon
  • Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed (donated by the lovely Moon <3)
  • Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian (pre ordered final copy)
  • Anassa by Josh Martin
  • The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury
  • Half Wild by Sally Green
  • All of This is True by Lygia Day Penaflor (June Book Box Club)
  • The Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke ARC (June Book Box Club)
  • Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart (June Fairyloot)
  • Tarnished City by Vic James
  • A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard

I’m also keeping track of my physical TBR, in an effort to slim it down a little 😉 In May it was 87, so how have I done?

Physical TBR at the end of June is:


I didn’t read as many books as I was hoping in June, and bought a couple more than planned.  So I’m just glad this isn’t higher I guess.  Though I did manage to read (and therefore return) a couple of borrowed books. But given July has YALC, this number is going to ROCKET next month 😦 Before YALC I am trying to concentrate on reading my YALC reads (mostly done, only sequels left so non urgent), my ARC stash (not epic, but as I hope to pick up more at YALC, I’d like to get rid of the current ones first), my review stash (tricky as mostly on kindle and therefore not included in my TBR number above), and borrowed books (do-able, I have about 5 right now, but I’m beginning to cut it fine!)  Next month to make myself feel better I may do a pre and post YALC TBR number…

I do have the first week of July off though, so let’s hope I make some serious progress in that time!

Are you going to YALC? Definitely shout if so, I would love to meet more of my fellow book bloggers! I will be dressing up and hanging out with some awesome friendly people all three days and we’d love to meet you!

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