Book Review – Gilded Cage by Vic James

30258320In modern-day Britain, magic users control everything: wealth, politics, power—and you. If you’re not one of the ultimate one-percenters—the magical elite—you owe them ten years of service. Do those years when you’re old, and you’ll never get through them. Do them young, and you’ll never get over them.

This is the darkly decadent world of Gilded Cage. In its glittering milieu move the all-powerful Jardines and the everyday Hadleys. The families have only one thing in common: Each has three children. But their destinies entwine when one family enters the service of the other. They will all discover whether any magic is more powerful than the human spirit.


gold_star-svggold_star-svggold_star-svggold_star-svg  4/5 Stars

I really enjoyed this mix of fantasy and dystopian, especially with with a dark setting! And it’s in the UK!

The dystopian elements are so dark and strong, and really play into the political intrigue of it all, I really enjoyed those. Especially in Millmoor, I liked the hierarchy and the fact that even though it’s know. To be bad, there are still dark secrets about life there. I also really liked the mentions of the rest of the world and how they view the British slave camps, and I really want more of that.

The fantasy elements also really worked for me – the magic and the way everyone has become complacent was fantastic. For that reason, I really enjoyed Silyen’s character, even if he’s morally grey at best!

I found Gavar confusing, with the huge differences in his disposition with Daisy and basically everyone else. Though I liked his lack of interest in politics and his soon to be wife!

In some ways, despite being main characters, I found the family less interesting, though I really enjoyed Luke’s development and I’m very keen to see what Abi does next! And I found it hard at the beginning to connect with them or the world, as there’s quite a lot being thrown at you as to what’s going on. But it’s worth sticking with as now I’m definitely going to read the next one!


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