Book Review – Anassa by Josh Martin

anassa.jpgA compelling fantasy adventure with a strong feminist message, for fans of Melinda Salisbury and Victoria Aveyard.

Less than a year since their cities were joined, the people of Athenas and Metis are still arguing. When the island is invaded by Vulcan, whose resource-ravaged, overpopulated island wants to claim Chloris as its own, Etain’s new leadership is compromised. The only way she can restore her people’s confidence and save her island is to take up a sea quest to retrieve a magical item from a volcano. Alongside her brother Taurus, Etain sets sail for the volcano. But they soon discover there is more to the quest than they realised.

It’s up to Etain to be the leader she is destined to be. Should she fight, or should she try to unite?


My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Half starNo-Star

I really enjoyed getting to see what happened after Ariadnis in the book, and loved the switch to the voices of Etain and Taurus.

I feel Etain’s struggles with being a leader we’re really authentic. And who doesn’t love Taurus, even if he’s a bit of a tart at times! I did want a bit more on the setting up of the society and why it was so fraught though. Especially the differences with the two peoples and the separation of the seers.

I loved Nine, Joomia and Aula, I think that worked really well! As did Ade’s progression through the book, though again I wanted a bit more towards the start with here.

My main niggle is that the concept of the invasion and it’s happening is so sudden. And they felt incredibly two dimensional as villains, especially Vulcan. I did like Sol, especially as he showed the diversity and the differences between his people and those on the island. His sister didn’t do much for me though.

I did like how it ended, and that they were definitely continuing the theme of learning from mistakes. And I liked some of the themes around unity and getting on with other communities, but it felt a little heavy handed in places. Enjoyable, but not as strong as Ariadnis. 3.5 stars.


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