Book Review – Stolen Time by Danielle Rollins

stolen timeSeattle, 1913

Dorothy spent her life learning the art of the con. But after meeting a stranger and stowing away on his peculiar aircraft, she wakes up in a chilling version of the world she left behind—and for the first time in her life, realizes she’s in way over her head.

New Seattle, 2077

If there was ever a girl who was trouble, it was one who snuck on board Ash’s time machine wearing a wedding gown—and the last thing he needs is trouble if he wants to prevent his terrifying visions of the future from coming true.


My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Half star

Ooh yes! I went in unsure if I would enjoy this – it sounded a bit like historical romance. But I loved it! It’s definitely more about teams, friendships and time travel, luckily 😉

And that ending!! I have so many thoughts and ALL the questions. I’m pleased to see there appears to be a second book. Though this stands pretty well on its own, it doesn’t answer many questions, so hopefully we’ll learn more in book two!

The plot was fast paced and very enjoyable – the whole concept of how the time travel came about, and the earthquakes was pretty cool (and scary). It’s main plot point is trying to avoid the future flashes that Ash sees and trying to find the professor, so actually in many ways not a lot happens in this book. But that not a lot happens in a very exciting way lol! If that makes sense. It’s brilliantly setting up a big climax, but also manages to give us quite a lot of information without answering the big questions, which is pretty clever.

Dorothy is in many ways not terribly likeable – she’s definitely out for herself! But I like her back story, and how she comes to value the team. And I always like a bit of an anti hero.

In our buddy read chat, I described Ash as a grumpy cat, and I still feel like this is the most accurate description of him ever! 😂 I loved him lol. And the rest of the team are 💙 – particularly Willis who is just adorable.

I also liked the professor, who we only see in the diary entries, that was a brilliant way to weave in the “future” back story.

I am definitely going to hanging on tenterhooks for book 2, what a fun read!! 4.5 stars.


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