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Earlier this year Sarah from Book Hooked Nook created the Spotify Book Tag that mixes your favourite Spotify playlists and books all in one.

I was tagged by the lovely Northern Plunder and I have been pretty excited to do this – I love bookish music 🙂 I think there may be a post about all the bookish playlists I’ve collected along the way in my future!


  • Answer the 10 prompts
  • Link back to the original post as credit
  • Tag some friends to join in


Hit Rewind: A book you go back to again and again?

I reread Harry Potter regularly! But I can also see me rereading the Nevernight trilogy by Jay Kristoff regularly in the future – I love it so much.

Romantic Ballads: A book that gives you all those fluttery feels?

I’m picking both Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston and the Heartstopper graphic novels by Alice Oseman! RWRB just made me cheer on the boys, and Heartstopper is honestly the cutest.  As you may know its rare for me to cheer on the romance, but these are definite favourites.

Release Radar: A new release book you are excited for?

I’m really excited for Crownbreaker by Sebastien De Castell!  It’s the last in an amazing series.  I’m sad for it to end, but I can’t wait to see what happens to Kellen, Reichis and Ferius. I love them so much!


Discover Weekly: A book you haven’t read yet but want to discover?

Honestly there are so many great books on my TBR right now! I’m really excited to read A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood, because I loved her later book so much.  I honestly didn’t think this would be my sort of book, but after enjoying Under A Dancing Star, I have to give this a go for sure.  If it’s half as funny, I’m going to love it.

Alone Again: Your favourite book genre to read on your own?

Any of them 😉 My favourite genre is probably fairytale retellings though.

Alternative: An indie book or author everyone should read?

Ooh definitely the awesome L L McNeil! Lauren is super lovely and her books are fantastic.  Her main series has lots of DRAGONS and a sky pirate! And she’s just started releasing a new series about a demon slayer that I am loving.  You should all check them out.

morodacrimson eyes

Cheesy Hits: A Book full of cheese that you just love?

Hmm, I wouldn’t say I read too many cheesy books! Or guilty pleasures – I am pretty open about my fav books!

Summer Hits: A book you re-read every summer?

I don’t reread anything that frequently, but probably HP.

Power Hour: An emporing feminsit book or character you adore?

I’m picking the fun and feminist Moxie by Jennifer Matheiu for this.  I loved it!


All Out 10s: List ten banging books!

Ooh how to choose only 10!  I’m cheating massively by using series 😀

  1. The Bear and the Nightingale (and the whole Winternight Trilogy) by Katherine Arden.  Not really underrated but it could always use more love.
  2. The Great Library series by Rachel Caine. I love this series and no one seems to know it! I just read the last book and it is amazing.
  3. The Greatcoats series by Sebastien De Castell. You probably know of my epic love for Sebastien’s writing, and I rave constantly about the Spellslinger series (see above!) but the Greatcoats is just as good.  Proper old fashion swashbuckling fantasy.
  4. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. Funny, properly British, magic mixed with crime, what’s not to love.
  5. Bone Gap by Laura Ruby.  I got this in one of the early Book Box Club boxes, and have been hooked on Laura’s writing since.
  6. This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada.  The final book in this trilogy nearly made my most anticipated answer – it’s just so good.  Bio hacking sci fi awesomeness with exploding people!
  7. The Girl in Red by Christina Henry.  This is the best book I have read this year so far. (Currently tied with Darkdawn).  It’s just so good.  A Little Red Riding Hood retelling that I just didn’t see coming.
  8. The Beast’s Heart by Leife Shalcross. I love a Beauty and the Beast retelling, and this is excellent.  Plus there have been a few recently, so I figure it’s time to give this a little boost 😀
  9. The Apprentice Witch trilogy by James Nicol.  Super fun local witch middle grade series!
  10. The Vatta’s War series by Elizabeth Moon.  This gets almost no online love, possibly because it’s older, but honestly this is space opera at it’s best.


I’m tagging:

Whoever wants to do it! I thought this was fun, so would love to see your answers ❤

5 thoughts on “Spotify Book Tag | created by Book Hooked Nook

  1. This is such an awesome tag!!!! I really need to do it soon myself. And I’m so interested to see you list The Great Library series. I’ve only heard of the books but never a recommendation so to see that they’re one of your favs makes me super excited to read them. Love your answers <333

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  2. I love this tag!! Great choices. I love Alice Oseman and Heartstopper is adorable. I want to hug Nick and Charlie. I’ve just bought Red, White and Royal Blue. I’m so excited to read it


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