Unboxing – December Book Box Club – Fireside Favourites


I was wary about this box as I’m not a huge classic, contemporary or romance fan, and this sort of fell around those.  But I trust the girls, and I love that these boxes make me try books I may never have picked up otherwise.

In the box there was:

  • A lovely Christmas card!
  • 10 Books for 2020 zine by Book Box Club
  • Bookish Beanie by Book Box Club
  • Quotable Classics pencils by Book Box Club
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry bar by Tilly Wonka
  • Fireside faves woodmark by Mia Minerva
  • Bonus ARC – I recieved Love is for Losers by
  • Dangerous Alliance by Jennieke Cohen

Okay first can we appreciate just HOW much work Kate and Libby put into these boxes – they made or commissioned so many things!  And I love these digital zines – a great way to do book sneak peaks or author interviews that are a really lovely little bonus.  The hat is beyond adorable, and the woodmark is stunning, I just love it.

Honestly I’m less sure about the books for once, but I am looking forward to starting Dangerous Alliance today, ready for book group next week. Hoping it will surprise me, as plenty of books I’ve been unsure about have done!


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