Book Review – The Pure Heart by Trudi Tweedie

the pure heart

When Iseabail is employed by a wealthy merchant to be his daughter’s companion, her life changes forever. Transported from her remote island home to the Scottish borderlands, Iseabail is unnerved both by her precocious young charge and the house’s secrets: a hidden chapel, servants who speak in a foreign tongue, a mute stableboy. And then the merchant returns with a mysterious cargo.

Why has Iseabail really been summoned here? And will she ever make it back home?


My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Half starNo-StarNo-Star

I buddy read this with friends, who didn’t really enjoy it. I saw why but I was liking it more than them, and had hope for how it was going. I liked the concept of how mysterious it was, of how Iseabail was trying to deal with her new life.

I would have slapped the hell out of Maria though! She is a horrible child.

However the ending really threw me. You don’t get any resolution at all, other than finding out about the mystery. I found it very frustrating.

Plus I agree with reviews that say this is more middle grade than YA. 2.5 stars.


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