Unboxing – September Wizarding World Loot Crate

So I decided to order the September Wizarding World Loot Crate box.  I’d seen a couple of the past boxes and they looked decent but not necessarily full of items I would love.  And the box isn’t super cheap for those of us in the UK.  Not too much, just not cheap.  So when this box rolled around and it had a back to school type theme, I decided to go for it, because a) HARRY POTTER and b) stationery. And I am SO pleased I did.


So first off, the featured pic in this post is the outer box, pictured with my (ravenclaw) glass of lemon squash (obviously!) and you can see it is growing hair a little! I was a little worried that the contents were affected by a little bit being outside the box.  But no, all was well.  Phew.

So this gorgeous box contained:

  • Honeydukes erasers (I was a little sad they weren’t sweets, and that the erasers don’t smell, but they look amazing. Far too nice to ever use! and the box is lovely too!)
  • An amazingly soft and super long Ravenclaw scarf
  • A wand pen (so cool)
  • A horcrux pin – the locket (This is so gorgeous, but I am not sure I will use it, despite my love of pins)
  • A stationery set that includes bookmarks, notes, a list thing, and a planner.  I haven’t used anything yet, but it is all amazing.
  • AND the box, which when turned inside out looks like a wizarding case! Amazing.  I also haven’t done this yet, partially because some of the bits are still in there, and partially because I’m a little scared of it haha.

So all in all, this is a great haul for me, and I am SO pleased I got it.

However I do have a note about Loot Crate.  These boxes are every odd month, but you get charged for your subscription on the fifth of even months – ie almost two months before you get the box.  A little early but fine. My main complaint was that the theme of the new box wasn’t emailed out to me (or anyone else I asked) and apparently was only announced on the 1st – so there were only 4 days to make a decision.  I personally don’t like this as it doesn’t feel like great customer service.  But I am used to awesome book boxes like Book Box Club, where they announce the theme on every social media platform, and do it weeks before renew etc! I will also say that when I looked at the theme for the November box and decided that it wasn’t for me (I am sure it will be great, but doesn’t have the certainty of stationary for me, and I’m trying to save money lol), their customer service was friendly and have refunded my money no problem.  So just be aware of what they do, but also aware that they’re really nice about it if you do want to cancel after renewal. 🙂 I hope that helps someone!

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