Unboxing – December Fairyloot – Oh So Regal

So I did actually know what the December Fairyloot book would be, and had read it and loved it.  But I really wanted a finished copy, and the Fairyloot boxes are normally pretty great so I was more than happy to get this one!

The contents of the box were:


  • Ariel Funko Pop! There were 6 Disney choices I believe and I am seriously tempted to try and get 3 of the others at least! I love me a funko, and I love Disney 🙂
  • Virtuous & Fairy Zip Pouch by Miss Phi
  • Disney Prince Candles by A Court of Candles – I got Aladdin and it smells lovely!
  • A Red Queen themed Powerful Notebook by Stella’s Bookish Art
  • A Books Rule keyring by Fiction Tea Designs
  • And the book – Everless by Sara Holland, which is properly excellent and I am glad to have a finished version!

Look at my gorgeous book and my little Ariel.  I *really* want all the Disney Prince candles omg.  And most of the Funkos.  I suspect this will be a problem. 😀


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