Book Review – Clean by Juno Dawson

cleanI can feel it swimming through my veins like glitter… it’s liquid gold.

When socialite Lexi Volkov almost overdoses, she thinks she’s hit rock bottom.

She’s wrong. Rock bottom is when she’s forced into an exclusive rehab facility.

From there, the only way is up for Lexi and her fellow inmates, including the mysterious Brady.

As she faces her demons, Lexi realises love is the most powerful drug of all…

It’s a dirty business getting clean…


gold_star-svggold_star-svggold_star-svg 3.5/5 Stars

I received this book from the publishers via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Okay, to start, a couple of warnings. This is a book about a stint in rehab, so it does come with a MASSIVE number of triggers, especially around drugs, booze and food but there’s too many to list them all. So if you read it, just be aware of that. And it’s also written from the view of an entitled 17 year old being forced into something, and comes with the language and behaviours that brings. Again it actually felt real, and I was pleased to see a book that doesn’t pretend that teenagers don’t swear. Having said that, I like a good swear, and even I was a bit shocked to see the C word twice early on. So not a book for the younger side of YA, for sure!

Right onto the review!

I am so conflicted about this book. It’s VERY well done, it’s hard not to feel empathy for the characters in some respects. And it feels very honest. But I have no reference for an entitled, rich, spoiled, drug using 17 year old. Lexi is not always a likeable character. I didn’t dislike her, I just couldn’t connect with her at all, I come from a very different viewpoint. That said, she’s exceptionally well written and complex, and I love her with the horses, and the moments with the others in rehab. Her coming round to self honesty is a slow and brilliant journey. But she’s not always a nice or good person.

The story itself is well done – you see many types of addiction. I particularly liked the contrast of Kendall and Ruby.

The other thing that struck me about the book is that I do not follow celebrity culture at all. And so much of it felt like name dropping – people, brands, places, it felt like the reader was supposed to care and I just didn’t.

Having said that, it was very British in places, which I definitely loved! Some of the locations and discussions on London nightlife made me laugh, and Lexi’s early comment about a cup of tea was brilliant.

It really is a well written book, and a good message, I’m just not sure the writing style is for me and struggled to connect with the premise. I did connect with the emotion inherent to that premise though, and that’s why I give this 3.5 stars.

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