Book Review – Snowglobe by Amy Wilson

snowglobeWhen daydreamer Clementine discovers a mysterious house standing in the middle of town that was never there before, she is pulled towards it by the powerful sense of a mother she never knew. The place is full of snowglobes, swirling with stars and snow and each containing a trapped magician, watched over by Gan, the bitter keeper of the house. One of these is Dylan, a boy who teases her in the real world but who is now desperate for her help.

So Clem ventures into the snowglobes, rescuing Dylan and discovering her own powerful connection to the magic of these thousand worlds. Vowing to release the magicians from the control of their enchantments, Clem unknowingly unleashes a struggle for power that will not only put her family, but the future of magic itself in danger.


My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Full starNo-Star

I found this magical middle grade read just charming. A really interesting concept!

I think at first it’s a little slow to get going and to draw the relevant parts together, and it is a little repetitive in places, but the overall fun shines off the page, and I really loved Clem and Dylan.

The story of the sisters was a little harder – largely as we don’t get a lot of history on why their parents started doing it, just on their views changing. Nor do we really get enough on their fighting, though I think it works well enough without that.

Clem however really made the book. She’s determined and strong and a little foolhardy, and I wanted to see more of her learning about her magic! I love her relationship with her dad, that she loves him even though he’s a bit absent.

On a side note I really wanted an epilogue where Clem and Dylan try to convince his mum about the dog 😂😂


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