Unboxing – March Fairyloot – Favourites


March Fairyloot was the anniversary box! Happy third birthday Fairyloot!

In the box there was:

  • Bookish scarf designed by Cara Kozit
  • Alice in Wonderland socks by Fairyloot
  • Bookworm page tabs by Fairyloot
  • Strange the Dreamer metal bookmark by KDP Letters
  • Anniversary enamel pin
  • 3 art prints by @morgana0anagrom featuring Warcross, An Ember in the Ashes,and The Cruel Prince.
  • Viper by Bex Hogan
  • To Best the Boys by Mary Weber

A good box!! Stuffed full of stuff! And both books are ones I really wanted, yay!

However, there were some issues with the box.  The scarf (which is very cool!) has several spelling mistakes.  Its pretty opaque, so not terribly noticable when on, but it still should have been checked before being included.  Also, the spoiler card has Bex Hogan’s name misspelled, which isn’t great.

I do like the box, but feel Fairyloot need to learn from the 2 other previous boxes with errors and start properly checking items. 😦


4 thoughts on “Unboxing – March Fairyloot – Favourites

  1. Did you see the news that we’ll be getting a new scarf in the post? I really hope they spot all the errors and not just correct a few. I knew there are 3 or 4 that I spotted, but there might be more. I really love the scarf though, it’s my favourite item I’ve received in a box for a long time. I don’t remember seeing a Strange The Dreamer inspired metal bookmark??! I’m going to have to rifle through my swag box and see if I can find it. I hope I got one!!

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