Unboxing – It’s a Kind of Magic – July Illumicrate


I knew I was going to like this box, as it was all witchy, and I knew what the book was.  However, illumicrate let themselves down on a couple of non-box related things last month – I’ll go into more details after sharing the contents!

In the box there was:

  • Uprooted tote bag by Em Allen (@rudebeetle)
  • Magic Made Real pin by Fable & Black
  • Magic Spells ceramic pot by Chatty Nora
  • Witchlands pin banner by Hey Atlas
  • Fantasy bookend by Fable & Black
  • Wicked Saints triptych by Nicole Deal
  • Darkling collectable coin
  • Sanctuary by V V James

The book is amazing. I was lucky enough to be part of the blog tour for it, and so I knew I loved it. And I love the fantasy book end, to go with the reality one from the June box.  I also really liked the magic spells ceramic pot, it’s really cute and I have put it out in my lounge already.  HOWEVER.  This was for sale at YALC, and the boxes hadn’t arrived for anyone (as far as I know) on Day 1.  I nearly spent £10 on the pot, and one of my friends (who also got the box) did.  This was very uncool and ill thought out.  As was the timing of sending the box – it was a few days later than normal, but unlike their normal fantastic customer service there was no email to let us know. As a lot of people knew what the book was, and that Vic James would be at YALC, this seemed pretty poor timing (and again the book was for sale at YALC, though at least not at their stand). I’d like to think that it’s something that can’t be helped, but I don’t know.  I found both of these things pretty frustrating – especially the box, as they weren’t warning people.  It definitely took the shine off it for me.


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