Unboxing – March Illumicrate – Adventure Awaits

Illumicrate's first monthly box! It was a little late and had a snafu with next month's book plate, but otherwise it was great 🙂 For a first monthly box, those are pretty minor. In the box there was: Raven Cycle notebook set by @bookmarkd.tattoos Excalibur water bottle by Sarah Brown (@sarahandsweet) Mistborn socks by illumicrate … Continue reading Unboxing – March Illumicrate – Adventure Awaits

Unboxing – February Illumicrate – Gods & Monsters

This is the last of the Illumicrate quarterly boxes, they’re going monthly! YAY! I have said many times that I love their curation, so I have high hopes for it.  This one had a great theme, so I was looking forward to it. In the box there was: Daughter of Smoke and Bone character bookmarks … Continue reading Unboxing – February Illumicrate – Gods & Monsters

Unboxing – Illumicrate Editions – Saints and Scars

So I had decided not to get the box.  They're not cheap, and I had already pre-ordered King of Scars from Waterstones so I could get a signed book.  THEN THEY RELEASED PICS OF THE ILLUMICRATE EXCLUSIVE HARDCOVER.  Damn them.  And Leigh had input on all the items... However, I do know two things - … Continue reading Unboxing – Illumicrate Editions – Saints and Scars

Unboxing – November Illumicrate – Clever Ruse

I always enjoy getting my Illumicrate through- I think they have very thoughtful curation, which I appreciate 🙂 In the November box (yes, yes, I'm very behind!) there was: Circus banner Stag Amulet Necklace by Fable and Black Diner Drink Cosy by @gicatam, inspired by To All The Boys I Loved Before Mulan inspired scarf … Continue reading Unboxing – November Illumicrate – Clever Ruse

Unboxing – Illumicrate Editions – Magic & Mayhem

I love V E Schwab so getting this Illumicrate Editions box was an absolute no brainer for me, despite the higher cost.  I do love Illumicrate's curation and the box was absolutely JAM packed so I think it was totally worth it. In the box there was: Double sided tote bag from Rowa Tree Lila … Continue reading Unboxing – Illumicrate Editions – Magic & Mayhem

Unboxing – August Illumicrate – Oh So Criminal

I always love getting Illumicrate, their curation is just fantastic! In this case I did know what the book was, and while I wasn't planning on getting it, I decided to have faith in the box, and I'm glad I did. In the box was: Villains Are my Bag tote by @kdpletters Sirius Snacks coaster … Continue reading Unboxing – August Illumicrate – Oh So Criminal

May Illumicrate – Hidden Talents

The May Illumicrate box was something I was really looking forward to as I love Daphne's curation - and this box definitely did not disappoint! In the box there was: It is Your Time book sleeve by @risarodil (WAKANDA!!) Camp Half Blood enamel pin by @fableandblack #prefersfictionalworlds box, with artwork by @aliceoseman Infernal Devices character … Continue reading May Illumicrate – Hidden Talents