Unboxing – November Illumicrate – Clever Ruse


I always enjoy getting my Illumicrate through- I think they have very thoughtful curation, which I appreciate 🙂

In the November box (yes, yes, I’m very behind!) there was:

  • Circus banner
  • Stag Amulet Necklace by Fable and Black
  • Diner Drink Cosy by @gicatam, inspired by To All The Boys I Loved Before
  • Mulan inspired scarf by Feifei Ruan
  • Warcross Woodmark by @chattynora
  • Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce
  • Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean

Two books! Always a winner, lol.  And the scarf, while possibly not one I would wear, is so beautiful.  Same with the drink cosy – I don’t really do hot drinks, so don’t have a lot of use for it.  However, I love that it’s different, and really usable.


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