Book Review – Pretty Funny by Rebecca Elliott

pretty funnyDoes anyone ever really want to ‘fall’ in love? Knowing me I’ll just trip over it and graze my knee on the gravel of humiliation.

Haylah Swinton is fairly confident she’s brilliant at being a girl. She’s an ace best friend, a loving daughter, and an INCREDIBLY patient sister to her four-year-old total nutter of a brother, Noah. But she has a secret. She wants to be a stand-up comedian, but she’s pretty sure girls like her – big girls, girls who don’t get all the boys, girls who a lot of people don’t see – don’t belong on stage.

That hasn’t stopped her dreaming though, and when the seemingly perfect opportunity to write routines for older, cooler, impossibly funny Leo arises… well, what’s a girl to do? But is Leo quite an interested in helping Haylah as he says he is? Will Haylah ever find the courage to step into the spotlight herself? And when oh when will people stop telling her she’s ‘funny for a girl’?!


My rating: Cyan-Full starCyan-Full starCyan-Half starNo-StarNo-Star

I found this a little mediocre and unsurprising to be honest.

Hay really plays into the “girl thinks she’s fat despite everyone saying she’s not” trope, which is a little frustrating when I was hoping for a bit more body positivity. For all her protests, she comes across as someone who wants to be thinner and isn’t happy with her size, and who lets other people’s views affect. Also the pig nickname and her adopting it never felt quite right to me, it made me quite uncomfortable.

I did enjoy the comedy aspect. I felt the Leo storyline again wasn’t too surprising, but I liked how it all played out. And some of the jokes were brilliant.

Honestly this was almost a 3 star read, but I felt the commentary on weight throughout pulled it down a bit for me. 2.5 stars – nothing special for me, but enjoyable enough. Suspect a lot of people will enjoy it a lot more though.


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