Unboxing – Illumicrate – The Grisha Edition

So this is a little early, but as you will see tomorrow I have a whole load of posts scheduled for something specific so I wanted to get this in before! Hopefully to avoid spoilers, I have used a cut! I’d hate to spoil anyone still waiting, so look away now!What an amazing crate.  Carefully curated and lovingly put together by the amazing Illumicrate team, I was blown away by the high quality.  I can’t wait to use so much of this!  If you love the Grisha trilogy or the Six of Crows duology (and I really do haha) then this was well worth the money.


I mean, look at all this beautiful merch.

Included was:

  • The BEAUTIFUL Language of Thorns Hardcover book.  It’s just so very pretty.
  • Three beautiful location postcards from places across the Grisha-verse by Posternaut.
  • A gorgeous woodmark with a Nikolai Lantsav quote by Ink & Wonder. I love her wooden bookmarks.
  • Lovely lip blam inspired by our favourite Tailor by Literary Lip Balms. I will definitely be checking out more of her merch, I love this one.
  • Amazing enamel mug (just realised how hidden this is in this photo, so sad! It is so cool!) by Temporary Places.
  • Dirtyhands Soap. This made me laugh so much! By Butter Bar Soapery. I can’t wait to try this.
  • Sun Summoner tea by T-ology. As you may know, I don’t actually drink tea, but it looks awesome and I do have plenty of friends who will appreciate this 🙂
  • A night and day book sleeve by Sparrow and Wolf. This is a little small for Language of Thorns, but otherwise a lovely sleeve.
  • Midnight Tales candle by Book & Glow which smells insanely good.  And full size too!
  • A Six of Crows themed tote bag by Charlie Bowater which is really quite big and feels nice and sturdy.  Good for thieving!! 😉
  • Two stunning enamel pins by Fable & Black – one darkling themed and one crow club themed.  The latter is already on my coat! #NMNF
  • Crow socks designed by Illumicrate! They are so cool.
  • Team Bkmrk also provided a stunning foil cover lined notebook that matches the book.  It’s geniunely almost too pretty to actually use!

Did you get this box? What did you think?

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